Thursday, July 14, 2011


I don't like when life gets so busy that I let myself forget what's REALLY important. What is life? Why do we let it consist of planning our next meal, shopping, sleeping, driving and entertainment? Life is but a vapor! It's here, then it is gone. Rekindling my purpose... :)

So yes, I have been a busy lady. Our house is now completed! That's a big yay! It really looks beautiful. We are now in the middle of moving from the apartment back into the house with stuff strewn everywhere in between. The plan is for us to complete a couple of extra things on the house then try to sell it. Then we will look for our next fixer-upper project that will hopefully have alot more space! Can I just say my husband is incredible?? He really is! There is no end to what he can do. I don't know anyone as handy as him! So grateful for that gift.


Oh and I guess I should mention that we are expecting again! haha :) It's such a normal part of my life now that I forget that some people still haven't heard. We are due in the middle of January. My journey with Hope has made this pregnancy different. I'm not a worrier and that hasn't changed. But I guess you can say I am more realistic this time. This is not considered a high risk pregnancy or should it be any different than any of my other normal pregnancies. It's just now I realize how things can change very quickly. Looking forward to finding out if this baby is a boy (I think it is!) or a girl. Really excited for either one. Taylor and Macy are having so much fun planning for the baby. I like that my kids are old enough this time around to "get it". Taylor hugs the baby (my belly) at least ten times a day and will say "I love our baby" and is quick to add "I love baby Hope too." Almost like he wants to verbalize what we are all thinking... this baby will not replace our sweet baby Hope but will just add to the blessings God has already showered on us.

photos by: leah miranda photography