Monday, April 4, 2011


I love being outside! So happy for Spring to be here. Treasuring life more this Spring than ever before...

I've had so many opportunities to share Hope's story with people. It never seems to get old talking about God's goodness and His grace. I spoke at a Club 121 meeting at a local middle school and this week will have the honor to speak at a mom's group meeting at my church. I don't like public speaking AT ALL but God allowed me to be a part of something incredible and it did not happen so I could just keep it to myself. Hope was given to me so that I would share her with everyone and I was and still am glad to do that! BUT there are parts of her that are mine alone. Moments that I get to keep in my heart and memories that will never fade. I was the one who carried her in my womb, gave her that first bath, sang to her and I was also the one who held Hope when she breathed her last breath.

Our family is still staying flexible and adjusting to life in an apartment. Our house is being rebuilt and it doesn't look like it will be too much longer until it will be completed. Josh and I are grateful for kids who are easy going and adjust so quickly to new environments. Taylor and Macy have really been enjoying their "rental" bunkbeds. :)

Here are some pictures of the progress on our house-